Brand Development

"Find out what the consumers want and give it to them."

Product Superiority is in itself no longer sufficient to guarantee success. The fast pace of technological development and the increased speed with which imitations turn up on the market have dramatically shortened product lifecycles.
The consequence is that product-related competitive advantages soon risk being transformed into competitive prerequisites.
Companies looking for competitive tools turn towards their brands.
The discipline of brand management was started at Procter & Gamble as a result of a famous memo, by Neil H. McElroy. “Changing the Face of Consumer Marketing”, 
After its successes with Ivory and Crisco, P&G developed a new business technique called "brand management", focused on a product rather than a business function.
Neil McElroy's formula for P&G's success was: "Find out what the consumers want and give it to them." Proctor & Gamble went to extreme lengths to do both.

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